Design Services

At Greylyn Wayne we offer services for either your home or business.
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Don’t know where to start? We can help you visualize your home's potential. Our consultations are structured with an hourly rate and provide you with our interior design expertise. We will help answer any of your questions and walk you through your design dilemmas. Email or call us today to set up your in home consultation. Our offices are open Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm

Space Planning

Space planning a room correctly can have a huge impact on a project’s functionality and aesthetics. The GWID Team has a strong knowledge of scale and proportions for interior furniture and finishes. During this process we will ask many questions to help accomplish what you are looking for from the space. Whether we sketch or digitally create a formal plan, we will design a space that is both utilitarian and beautiful that will be tailored to your exact needs. This resource can be provided with any packaged design service you desire.

Packaged Design Services

Interior design services are packaged according to your specific design needs. After the initial consultation, GWID will recommend several design services to coincide with your budget requirements and timing. We base our services on the square footage of the project, design details required and time frame needed. Whether it’s updating a room with new finishes and furniture or a complete renovation, we are here to help.

CAD Drawings

Our interior designers are professionally trained to use AutoCAD to construct formal or informal digital floor plans or construction drawings. From custom millwork details to full remodels, we are able to skillfully design a custom space. This service allows us to efficiently communicate our plans to contractors and fabricators. We are fluent in, but not limited to, constructing all of the following drawing types: 

Floor Plans, Furniture Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plans, Equipment Plans, Finish Plans, Wall Elevations, & Detail Plans. 

It's easy.

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Concept Image

Final Result

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Final Result

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12 Master Bath Final.jpg

Final Result

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25 Laundry Room Final.jpg

Final Result

3D Interior Renderings

Have the plan but just can’t visualize the space? GWID interior designers will use our 3D realistic software to show you a life-like preview of how your space will look. This gives you, as the client, peace of mind, knowing what the end result will be. At the time we present you the renderings, we will review the design with you and discuss any recommended changes. This resource can be provided with any packaged design service you desire and cost is determined based on your project’s size and detail needed.

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Lighting Design

Lighting plays a huge role in a person’s mood and feelings about a space. Too little light or too much light will conflict with the ambiance and the functionality of the room. Based on your specific project, GWID will construct a concise lighting plan that fits your style, your space and your budget. We will also make sure that the lighting provides you with a safe environment and meets all applicable state codes. From selecting the correct table lamps to recessed lighting, we will make sure your space is properly designed to provide a comfortable atmosphere.

Specialty Designs

Looking for a custom wellness space or extreme home theater? Here at GWID, we think outside the box. Custom furniture designs and sustainable/ green designs are just a few of the design services offered. We can make any of your ideas possible.

Interior Finish Specifications

At GWID, we will help specify your project, from floor to ceiling. From paint and wall covering consultations, to re-finishing your floor, we can work with any budget. Color can have a huge impact- even the simplest change in paint can completely change the look of your space. With our design services, we will provide you with a presentation board that shows our selections of interior finishes and specifications for your project. This resource can be provided with any packaged design service you desire. Let GWID get you to love your home again.

Shopping Services

Shopping can be sometimes overwhelming when you are remodeling. With our design proficiency, we seek out the best items for your space, so you can thoughtfully and consciously make the right decisions for your project. Allow us to shop with or for you at an hourly rate tailored to your budget. GWID will work with retailers, design centers, wholesalers, and internet providers to help make the remodeling process go as smoothly as possible.