Six Tips to Make Your Home Warm and Cozy this Thanksgiving

November 16, 2017



Fall at Greylyn Wayne has been bursting with color and texture! Throughout the greater Portland/Vancouver area our designers have had a blast bringing this alive in your homes. We would like to thank all the realtors, flippers and homeowners for allowing us to show our style in your homes. Here are six design tips to help with your fall-time home decorating!





Try layering a flat Turkish rug with a cowhide. This gives a modern look to a study or a bungalow living room. It also helps fill an awkward space!




Hang pictures close together! When hanging a collage or grouping, keep spacing even. Spacing pictures less than two inches apart allows the collage to become a focal point of the room.




Add more color! Trends are beginning to move away from gray and white. People are ready to see a pop of color in their living spaces. So add those accessories using navy and dark green as well as introducing gold accents with your art, pillows and decor. Warm it up with jewel tone green, (my present fave!)




Look at the various shapes in the room. Try to keep round objects with square and rectangular objects. Notice the change in the look of the space when moving a round lamp on a round table to a square table. Adding a variation in shapes will keep your decor fun and interesting!




Kiss matchy, matchy goodbye! Yes, even in staging. Mix the old with the new, the gold with the matte black. Hang a large vintage framed photograph in a modern space. Make the spaces you decorate bold and interesting by adding multiple layers of textures and colors. At Greylyn Wayne, we try to use a new combination of furniture at each staging. You can do the same in your home this fall by adding old and new decor together this holiday season. 




At Greylyn Wayne, we always make sure to balance a room. For example, when you need height, you can use a bookcase or a tree. You may need shorter back chairs so that they are not blocking the beautiful Northwest view many of our homes have.


We want to bring out the best in your home!


Thank you to all our staff and customers. It's been an absolute crazy busy Fall, and we've loved every moment! Happy selling!




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