Christmas Time, Everything Bright

December 13, 2017

'Tis the Season for Lighting!




GreylynWayne wants your home to shine. Our professional staging staff has one major goal- for your home to sell quickly! However, illuminating a home can be challenging in our beautiful, but rainy Northwest winters. We want your clients to be drawn into a home by the warm glow of an arc lamp over a cozy chair by the fireplace, or into a master bedroom that radiates warmth and luxury!




Our realtors often remark, "I'd love to live here!". And truly, we feel the same way leaving our projects!


GreylynWayne has a vast assortment and various styles of lighting. We choose the proper lighting that will highlight and set your property apart!

Fun Fact:

The first electric Christmas lights were strung by a friend and partner of Edison's by the name of Edward M. Johnson in 1882. He hand wired 80 red, white and blue bulbs and wound them around his Christmas tree. 


Although, some give the credit to Ralph Morris. The tale goes that in 1908, Ralph's son accidentally pushed a candle over on the tree and almost set the house on fire. As an employee of a telephone company, he had the idea to use telephone switchboard lights to light up a feather tree.


1901 GE Advertisement 


Lighting of the first National Christmas Tree on December 24th, 1923 with President Coolidge


We wish you a merry, and very "bright", holiday season!

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