Happy Valentine's Day! Let's talk about what we LOVE most...

February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day from Greylyn Wayne! To celebrate, we have each listed some aspects of design and staging that we LOVE!




"Staging a house is like a puzzle. I love putting all the pieces together. When we are done, there is so much satisfaction in hearing our clients fall in love with their homes all over again." -April


"What I love most about interior design is that, when executed well, it requires both artistic creativity and technical skill. Art connects with its viewers and inspires. Design solves a problem and communicates a message. Interior design combines both aspects to create effective, impactful, and thought-provoking spaces." -Rachel


"I love my mother! She was the original 'Joanna Gaines'. She loved antique stores, garage sales and creating her own treasures long before Pinterest! I would come home from school to find entire rooms completely made over. So at a very young age, I too fell in love with furniture, design, and change! Now I get to do it everyday! #Blessed" -Cindy



"I love the feeling when we've just finished hanging the art and are finishing a home. It's really rewarding to see it all come together. Each house requires its own problem solving and teamwork, and I think we do an amazing job of showing the unique potential of the homes we stage. It's always fun to come back to places when we de-stage them. It's really neat to see the work we do with fresh eyes. I often find myself congratulating my co-workers for being so good. I tell them, 'Wow, I forgot how good this one was'!" -Tyler


"When I think about design and staging, there are so many things that I love. Colors, textures, and patterns can make a room so interesting and inviting. But what I love most is the look on our client's face when the project is complete." -Jody


"One of my favorite parts of the process of staging is the preparation. Each Greylyn Wayne team member has his or her own style, which creates a well-rounded group to make each staging we do unique. We all get so excited when we find that perfect pillow or a picture with just the right colors that we know will pull the whole room together. I am constantly amazed by my co-workers and the ideas they bring to the table. Having a job where you can express your own creativity as well as learn new things from others is pretty great." -Jess




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