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When you decide to sell your home, you want to sell it quickly and for top dollar.  Staging your home can help you do exactly that.  Staging helps show your home’s true potential and helps buyers look past any imperfections, without the cost of an entire makeover.  In an industry where making a great first impression can make all the difference, staging is the best way to make buyers feel at home.


Setting Your Home Apart

At Greylyn Wayne, we stage every house in a way that makes it feel like home. We always look to enhance the home’s true identity. Whether craftsman, modern, or any architecture, we will create a design with the home’s character in mind. We want to present your home in a way that truly separates it from other properties. And our team has a strong track record of success.

Our Approach


 We offer a wide variety of services, from vacant and model home staging to enhancements for occupied homes. In addition to basic staging, we also provide premium services, such as fixture selection, color consultation, and interior redesign. Since every home is different, we provide custom quotes for each property. We present you with a list of options, so you can select the areas that will most impact the overall flow of the home. Our goal is to get your home ready to sell for the highest dollar possible.

A lot hinges on the first impression.
At Greylyn Wayne, we make first impressions last.

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