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Street of Dreams Spotlight

Greylyn Wayne is proud to have been selected for the annual "NW Natural Street of Dreams" event!

Since 1975, for one month every summer the Home Builder Association of Metro Portland has hosted the “NW Natural Street of Dreams” event. This summer, Greylyn Wayne was selected to design one of the six model homes on public display. 

From July 27 - August 25, the “Street of Dreams” collected some of Portland’s top industry leaders in home construction and design. With local talented builders, interior designers, craftspeople, and landscape architects, one street in Wilsonville, Oregon, was transformed into a row of homes that displayed the latest trends and concepts in residential design. 

Kitchen Interior.jpg

(Kitchen interior design by Greylyn Wayne.)

The goal of the “Street of Dreams” is to highlight the unique and professional skills of Portland’s local home crafters, from construction companies to interior design firms, while introducing local communities to new-age home design. At this year's celebration, Greylyn Wayne was proud to design and stage one of the six model homes on the “Street of Dreams.” 

Living Room.jpg

(Living Room design by Greylyn Wayne.)

The “Bespoke” model, built by Red Hills Construction, features an open-concept modern farmhouse look that spans 4,600 square feet. Our team at Greylyn Wayne worked with the builders and the homeowner to design and create this beautiful home.  And our team of stagers brought it to life with furniture, art, and decor from What’s New? Furniture.  


(Bedroom design by Greylyn Wayne.)

Greylyn Wayne is honored to have played a role in the “Street of Dreams,” and in bringing together our local Portland communities for the appreciation of homeownership and design. 

View below the photos of the home we helped design. To find out more about how we can help you transform or renovate your home, contact us today!

Bespoke Red Hills 2019 SOD_Web_37
Bespoke Red Hills 2019 SOD_Web_42
Bespoke Red Hills 2019 SOD_Web_34
Bespoke Red Hills 2019 SOD_Web_05
Bespoke Red Hills 2019 SOD_Web_07
Bespoke Red Hills 2019 SOD_Web_25
Bespoke Red Hills 2019 SOD_Web_11
Bespoke Red Hills 2019 SOD_Web_74
Bespoke Red Hills 2019 SOD_Web_73
Bespoke Red Hills 2019 SOD_Web_51
Bespoke Red Hills 2019 SOD_Web_49
Bespoke Red Hills 2019 SOD_Web_46
Bespoke Red Hills 2019 SOD_Web_44

Street of Dreams Spotlight

Greylyn Wayne is proud to have been selected for the annual "NW Natural Street of Dreams" event! 2021. Ohana

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